A group of students gathered in HHIVE Lab.


Volunteers can take on general HHIVE projects such as contributing to our blog by attending LMC-related events, helping us create and implement marketing and graphic design strategies, and participating in ongoing efforts to establish a health humanities journal on campus.

We look for ambitious and talented individuals who love jumping between and across disciplinary boundaries for the sake of creating a more diverse and holistic understanding of health. All majors and minors are encouraged to apply.

If interested, please complete the HHIVE Volunteer application form and email Nick Allen at nicka@live.unc.edu.


Submit to the HHJ:

Health Humanities Journal of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was established during the Fall 2016 semester by Manisha Mishra with Jane Thrailkill acting as the organization’s faculty advisor. The Health Humanities Journal assists in initiating and engaging discussion among the undergraduate and graduate communities about the up-and-coming Health and Medical Humanities fields.

The purpose of this journal is to inspire, encourage, and facilitate interdisciplinary thinking and collaborative work while developing and embodying a variety of ideas that relate to health, illness, caregiving, and medicine. Sponsored by HHIVE, Honors Carolina, and the Department of Social Medicine (UNC School of Medicine), the journal serves as an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to publish narratives, poetry, research, academic papers, editorials, photography, artwork, etc.