Spencer Ryan Barnes

Headshot of Spencer Ryan BarnesAdvisory Board Member

218 Carroll
Email: srbarnes@email.unc.edu

Department of Media and Journalism

Sue Coppola

Headshot of Sue CoppolaLMC and HHIVE Liaison
Advisory Board Member

2063 Bondurant Hall
Email: scoppola@med.unc.edu

Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

Jocelyn Chua

Image of Jocelyn ChuaAdvisory Board Member

Email: jlchua@email.unc.edu

Department of Anthropology


Sue Estroff 

Headshot of Sue EstroffAdvisory Board Member

Email: sue_estroff@med.unc.edu

Department of Social Medicine


Mary Floyd-Wilson

Headshot of Mary Floyd-WilsonAdvisory Board Member

433 Greenlaw Hall
Email: floydwil@email.unc.edu

Department of English and Comparative Literature


Eric Juengst

Headshot of Eric JuengstAdvisory Board Member

Email: ejuengst@email.unc.edu

Department of Social Medicine


Vincent Kopp

Headshot of Vincent KoppAdvisory Board Member

Email: vkopp@email.unc.edu

Department of Anesthesiology
Special Interests: Medical Ethics, Spirituality of Medicine, Poetry and Fiction of Illness and Healing

Tom Linden

Image of Tom LindenAdvisory Board Member

328 Carroll Hall
Email: linden@unc.edu

Department of Media and Journalism

Jonathan Oberlander

Image of Jonathan OberlanderAdvisory Board Member

Email: oberland@med.unc.edu

Department of Social Medicine


Michele Rivkin-Fish

Image of Michele Rivkin-FishAdvisory Board Member

305A Alumni Building
Email: mrfish@unc.edu

Department of Anthropology

Barry Saunders

Image of Barry SaundersLMC Liaison
Advisory Board Member

Email: bfsaunde@med.unc.edu

Department of Social Medicine

Raj Telhan

Headshot of Dr. Telhan

Advisory Board Member

Email: raj_telhan@med.unc.edu

Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


Amy Weil

Headshot of Amy WeilAdvisory Board Member

Email: amy_weil@med.unc.edu

Department of Internal Medicine