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Take part in a symposium on how to creatively communicate scientific research. Martha Kenney from San Francisco State University will discuss storytelling as a scientific practice. Kiki Jenkins from the University of Washington will address science communication through art. Finally, Rita Charon from Columbia University will lead a talk on perception and representation of science through words.


2:00 p.m. Introduction

2:15 p.m. How Many Plots Can the Data Hold?: Storytelling as Scientific Practice

Martha Kenney | Women and Gender Studies,

San Francisco State University

3:00 p.m. Illustrating the Story: Science Communication Through Art

Kiki Jenkins | School of Medicine and Environmental Affairs,

University of Washington

3:45 p.m. Perception & Representation: Rods, Cones, and Foveal Words

Rita Charon | School of Medicine,

Columbia University

4:30 p.m. Discussion


Perkins Library, Room 217. Duke University.

Symposium co-sponsored by the Language Arts and Media Program and Trent Center for Bioethics, Humanities, and History of Medicine.

For more info, check out the event website.

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