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Purpose: This award, funded through the Fire Grant program, will be given to one undergraduate student to support directed research during Summer Session I. The recipient of this award will join the Writing Diabetes (WD) project as part of the HHIVE research team. During spring semester 2016, the WD project conducted a writing workshop for individuals living with diabetes. Study participants learned techniques of narrative writing and composed illness essays centered on their health/illness experience. After the completion of the writing workshop, the research team will submit this archive to narrative analysis using a host of approaches and tools. The recipient of this award will gain experience conducting qualitative analysis of narrative data.







Summer Session I: May 11 – June 16, 2016


Eligibility: To receive the HHIVE Summer Research Award, applicants must have been enrolled in courses the semester before (Spring 2016). Also, the student will need to complete CITI training and be added to the project IRB before research begins.
Requirement: The recipient will assist the project team in data processing and analysis. In particular, the student will:

●    De-identify and organize narrative data for analysis

●    Learn about qualitative analysis software (Consult with Odum Institute)

●    Load narrative materials into analysis software and begin exploring application

●    Develop a handout for future researchers about digital tools

●    Write a summary/overview of narrative data

●    Additional WD-related tasks as needed

Amount of Award: $600
Application Process: Submit your resume with personal statement to

Jen Stockwell ( by April 18.

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