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HHIVE members Jennifer Edwell, Sarah Anne Singer, and Jordynn Jack recently published a co-authored article in Technical Communication Quarterly that uses HHIVE’s Writing Diabetes study as the foundation for uniting interdisciplinary researchers and fields.

You can read the article here.

“Healing Arts: Rhetorical Techne as Medical (Humanities) Intervention”

Jennifer Edwell, Sarah Anne Singer, and Jordynn Jack

Abstract: To forge collaborative ties among the rhetoric of health and medicine, the medical humanities, and medicine itself, scholars need shared terms. We argue that techne can unite researchers from across these disciplines. To demonstrate, we discuss our interdisciplinary research study, Writing Diabetes. By learning about the techne of rhetoric and writing about diabetes, participants became more attentive to the techne of their health experience—or “health techne”—enabling them to invent new ways of “doing” diabetes.

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