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The following content is shared by CLOSLER.


Who We Are:

A free and open access medical education website run out of Johns Hopkins Medicine, but with a global reach and audience. Launched 2018.

Our Mission:

Feature a new piece each weekday with the goal of stimulating healthcare professionals and trainees to reflect on giving exceptional care to every patient.

Our Core Team:

  • Executive Editor: Dr. Scott Wright, Professor of Medicine, Director of General Internal Medicine at JHMBC, and Director of the Miller Coulson Academy of Excellence
  • Co-editor: Dr. Margaret Chisolm, Vice Chair for Education and Professor of Psychiatry, Member of the Miller Coulson Academy of Clinical Excellence
  • Managing Editor: Gretchen Miller

Content, Contributors, and Style

  • Pieces typically describe how to connect more deeply with patients, improve clinical reasoning skills, and other topics that are applicable to all healthcare professionals.
  • Conversational style geared towards a broad international audience of healthcare professionals, from pre-health students through practicing healthcare professionals (and even interested patients)
  • Written by excellent clinicians from Johns Hopkins Medicine and beyond
  • Each post time-stamped for read-time (for example, “1-minute read”); generally take less than 3 minutes
  • Every piece visually highlights a brief 1-2 sentence “takeaway” message
  • Each piece features a compelling and engaging image specifically selected to amplify the piece’s impact
  • Consistent brand across all platforms (logo, colors, font, and mobile)


  • Daily
    • Takeaway highlighted with link to full piece on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
    • Nearly 4,000 engaged Twitter Followers from around the world
  • Weekly
    • Highlights email sent to over 8,000 subscribers
  • Monthly
    • 73,000 Twitter Impressions (and growing!)

Writing Guide

  • Conversational style geared towards an extremely broad audience of web readers.
  • The best formula is vivid patient encounter, followed by lessons learned, concluding with what all other clinicians can learn. Here is an outstanding writing sample: “Sitting With Suffering.”
  • You’ll notice the short “takeaway” message featured in the top right in a gray box. It often helps to compose this first, and then write the rest of the piece.
  • Our readers only spend about 45 seconds per piece, so about 500 words is good, more or less if you like.
  • There’s no need for citations, or to include examples from multiple sources, but feel free to provide links to relevant research if you like.
  • A short title helps catch the eyes of web readers
  • Using subheaders is extremely helpful for online readers
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