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Logo that contains a stethoscope encircled by the words Health Humanities PodcastThe Health Humanities Podcast released six new episodes over winter break! Each new episode features readings of the pieces published in the print issue and interviews with the authors and artists to discuss their creative process and their experiences in the field of the health humanities.
The latest episodes include:
  • Episode 5: Grace Sword reads her poem “I Wish She’d Stop Pacing the Hallway; She Makes Me Anxious” and talks about being in the psych ward at UNC Hospitals and writing poetry about mental health.
  • Episode 6: Diepreye Amanah reads her poem “Flatline” and talks about writing about women’s experiences and her approach to poetry.
  • Episode 7: Clare Landis reads her personal narrative “Thank You” and talks about gratitude for healthcare workers and her experience with anorexia.
  • Episode 8: Hazel Milla reads her poem “Resin” and talks about working in different art forms and how neuroscience classes have shaped her view of the world.
  • Episode 9: Ben Ashby reads his personal narrative “Wrinkles” and talks about learning from patients and reflecting on theology in healthcare.
  • Episode 10: Mary Glenn Krause reads her research article “Cultural Burial as a Human Rights Consideration within the Ebola Response and Beyond” and talks about bioarchaeology and death education.

You can find the HHJ Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music/Audible, and the Podbean app, or on the HHJ website. You can also read review of the podcast by Jacequline Gu on the HHIVE Blog.

New episodes from the Fall 2020 issue coming soon!

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