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The Northside Residential Fellowship, or NRF, is a year-long fellowship with a focus on aging, housing, and racial justice. This housing and learning opportunity is open to graduate students who are interested in volunteering, reflecting, and getting to know elders in their surrounding community!

The Carolina Partnerships in Aging Program (PiAP) and the Marian Cheek Jackson Center invite you to join the Northside Neighborhood through this immersive experience. The Northside Residential Fellowship is from August 2021-May 2022.

Read the NRF Program Overview to learn more.

Those who are interested can apply here and contact with any questions.

Questions on the application include:

  1. What community/relationship has shaped you the most and why? 
  2. What does being a good neighbor look like? 
  3. Please tell us about one or two older people who have influenced your life. How has knowing them made a difference to you? (250 words)
  4. How will living in this household enhance your graduate school experience? (250 words)

Preference will be given to people who apply by May 31st.

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