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Ashley Ruhashya – The Nightmare and Women’s Health

May 5, 2017

Henry Fuseli’s painting, The Nightmare, is a complex piece of art that portrays an element of fear in helplessness and impotency. Emitting dark and irrational forces, this painting floods viewers with questions on posed themes, painter’s intent, and subliminal messages. … Read more

Devyn Davis, Burning Fever

April 19, 2017

Burning Fever The Fever Within: The Art of Ronald Lockett at UNC’s Ackland Art Museum is an exposé that commands attention. Not only is the work astounding, but its social nuances may require you to linger and dig a bit … Read more

Patrick Pasquariello, Ronald Lockett and HIV

April 10, 2017

Shakespeare writes in Hamlet that one purpose of art is “to hold as ‘twere the mirror up to nature.”1 One fundamental part of nature is our own human nature. Indeed, many artists endeavor to create works that lead us to … Read more

CFP: Medical Humanities: Health and Disease in Popular Culture

July 14, 2015

Medical Humanities: Health and Disease in Popular Culture (CfP, Seattle WA, 21-25 March 2016) DEADLINE: October 1, 2015 The “Medical Humanities: Health and Disease in Culture” area for the 2016 Popular and American Culture Association meeting in Seattle invites proposals … Read more

CFP: Violent Bodies

June 10, 2015

Call for Papers: “Violent Bodies”- Graduate Student Conference- The Ohio State University- Friday 10/30-Saturday 10/31, 2015 Violent bodies pervade literature and cultural history and remain a topic of profound importance in current events. Bodies both commit acts of violence — … Read more