Kate Capitano

Major in Global Studies
Minor in Literature, Medicine, and Culture

As a pre-med student who has little interest in hard science, I struggled for a while to find a way to connect my passion for medical care and my interest in social science. Health humanities provides a way to study people and populations that allows me to promote health and happiness without forgetting the actual personhood of the people I’m studying. By combining work with HHIVE and my major in the school of public health, I feel that I will have a well rounded view of medicine and culture that will make my practice as a medical provider more holistic and personal. I am particularly interested in women’s health and hope to advocate for reproductive rights in my writing.

Spencer Tackett

Major in English on the Science, Medicine, and Literature track
Minor in Medical Anthropology

I am a lifelong lover of stories and a newfound lover of learning about health, healthcare, and medicine. HHIVE allows me to join my two passions and focus on reading and sharing stories of illness. My goal as a HHIVE volunteer is to learn more about the field of medicine, to view that knowledge through the lens of literature and storytelling, and share it with my peers. Language and storytelling are two of our superpowers as humans, and I want to use that superpower to help current and future physicians give their patients the best care possible.

Mili Dave

As a student with an interdisciplinary love for the hard sciences and humanities, I strove at the beginning of undergrad to find an outlet merging my academic interests together. Studying the health humanities is the perfect blend of these passions, enabling me to examine patient care through humanistic lenses of emotion and interaction. I ultimately hope to translate the valuable insights into healthcare I gain through my writing at HHIVE in my practice as a future physician. I am particularly interested in pursuing trauma and critical care, and want to deepen my understanding of individual patient experiences in the field of medicine.