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Association for Medical Humanities Annual Conference 2017
Critical Stories
June 28th -30th, 2017

Submissions are invited but not limited to the conference themes. These themes are:

  • how the humanities can contribute to the treatment of individuals whose health is compromised and/or sustain well-being, including for practitioners as patients.
  • how the written word can help patients, practitioners, families and the general public understand states of health, experiences of acute/chronic disease, disability and ageing.
  • how a study of historical events can inform our understanding of present health issues and guide us about future clinical practice and policy.
  • how can the humanities assist practitioners in becoming more culturally sensitive particularly to displaced individuals, and in considering the impact on patients and clinicians of migrating into a different cultural environment .

Individual paper proposals:


Prior to submitting your proposal please review the list of Approved Panels on theApproved Panels tab on this website. If you wish your paper to be considered for one of these, please email your paper proposal to the panel Chair directly. These should be submitted in the word document provided on the ‘Your Submission’ tab.   If your paper is not appropriate for any of the Approved Panels, please email your paper proposal to and copy in to  a 250 word abstract with brief biographical details. All abstracts should be sent by February 20th 2017 .Individuals will be notified of the status of their proposals by mid March.

Proposals for panels or roundtables:

These should be submitted on the word document provided on the ‘Your Submission’ tab and emailed to and copied in to  . Prospective panel organizers should submit brief biographical details and a 500 word summary of their topic. Completed panels should be emailed by February 20th  2017.  Panels will be notified of the status of their proposals by mid March.

For more information, visit the Association for Medical Humanities Conference site.

Please note: Submitting a proposal will not register you for the conference. You will need to register for the conference separately.

It is anticipated that Registration and the Submission page for proposals will open in November 2016.



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