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Undergraduates Programs (and beyond):

– Appalachian State University: Medical Humanities Minor

– Baylor University: BA in Medical Humanities

– Belloit College: Major/Minor in Health & Society

– Benedictine University: Medical Humanities Minor

– Boston College: Medical Humanities, Health, and Culture Minor

– Bryn Mawr College: Health Studies Minor

– Coastal Carolina University: Medical Humanities Minor

– Columbia University: Medical Humanities Major; M.S. in Narrative Medicine

– Davidson College: Medical Humanities Interdisciplinary Minor

– Elmhurst College: Medical Humanities Minor

– Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College: Undergraduate Honors concentration in Medical Humanities

– Hiram: Major/Minor in Biomedical Humanities

– Indiana University: Major/Minor, Certificate, MA Program, and PhD Program in History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine

– IUPUI: Major/Minor and Graduate Certificate in Medical Humanities & Health Studies

– Johns Hopkins: Undergraduate major and minor in the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology; PhD degree in History of Science and Technology; PhD degree in History of Medicine

– Lafayette College: Health Care and Society Minor

– Lawrence University: Biomedical Ethics Minor

– Lehigh University: Major/Minor in Health, Medicine and Society

– Misericordia University: B.A. in Medical and Health Humanities; Minor in Medical and Health Humanities

– New York Institute of Technology: Medical Humanities Minor

– Northwestern University Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences: Undergraduate major/minor in Science in Human Culture; Graduate program in Science in Human Culture; Post-graduate program in Science in Human Culture

– Nova Southeastern University: Medical Humanities Minor

– Ohio Northern University: Medical Humanities Minor

– Ohio State University: Medical Humanities Minor

– Oregon State University: Undergraduate Medical Humanities Certificate

– Rice University: Medical Humanities Minor

– Saint Louis University: Medical Humanities Minor Program

– Schreiner University: Medical Humanities Minor

– Southern Methodist University: Major in Health and Society

– Vanderbilt University: Undergraduate Major/minor in Medicine, Health, and Society; MA in the Social Foundations of Health; Graduate Certificate in Medicine, Health, and Society

Virginia Commonwealth University: Undergraduate Minor in Medical Humanities

– Virginia Tech: Undergraduate minor in Humanities, Science, and Technology; Masters/PhD in Science and Technology Studies

– University of Alabama: Philosophy and Medicine Specialization/minor (B.A.)

– University of Cincinnati: Medicine, Health and Society Major

– University of Colorado: Undergraduate minor in Health Humanities; Masters degree in Anthropology of Health and the Environment Arts and Humanities in Healthcare

– University of Delaware: Medical Humanities Minor

– University of Houston Honors College: Medicine and Society Minor

– University of Iowa: Health and Human Condition Minor

– University of Massachusetts Boston: Science, Medicine and Society Minor

– University of Michigan: Undergraduate minor in Culture, Health, and Medicine

– University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Humanities in Medicine Minor

– University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill: M.A. in Literature, Medicine, and Culture

– University of Oklahoma: Medical Humanities Scholars Program (sequential BA-MD); Medical Humanities Minor

– University of Pennsylvania: Health and Societies Major

– University of Richmond: Major/minor in Healthcare Studies

– University of South Carolina: Medical Humanities Minor

– University of Washington: Bioethics and Humanities Minor; MA Program in Bioethics and Humanities

– Western Michigan University: Medical Humanities Interdisciplinary Minor

– West Virginia University: Medical Humanities and Health Studies Minor

Graduate-level Programs Only:

– Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine (Bioethics MA Concentration) in Medicine, Society and Culture

Columbia University School of Professional Studies, MS in Narrative Medicine

– Drew University Caspersen School of Graduate Studies: Certificate, Masters and Doctorate level degrees in Medical Humanities

– Duke University: MD/MALS through The Trent Center for Bioethics, Humanities, & History of Medicine

– George Washington University: The Medical Humanities Track in the School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Loyola Marymount University: Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts MA in Bioethics with a focus on social justice.

– Medical College of Wisconsin: Master of Arts in Bioethics through the Center Bioethics and Medical Humanities

– Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine MA in Medical Humanities and Bioethics Program

– Stanford School of Medicine: Concentration in Biomedical Ethics and Medical Humanities for current medical students

Stony Brook University: MA in Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care, and Bioethics + MD with Scholarly Concentrations in Medical Humanities and Ethics

– University of California, San Francisco: PhD and MD/PhD in Medical Anthropology; MA, PhD and MD/PhD in History of Health Sciences (Also, UCSF Medical Humanities Program)

– University of Louisville: Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Bioethics and Medical Humanities

– University of Nevada School of Medicine: Scholarly Concentration In Narrative Medicine

University of Rochester: School of Medicine and Dentistry, MA in Medical Humanities

– University of Texas: Medical Branch at Galveston, Medical Humanities Graduate Program (MA and PhD)

Vanderbilt University: Center for Medicine, Health, and Society, MA in Social Foundations of Health

Non-Degree Granting Programs

– Michigan State University: The Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences

– The Penn State College of Medicine: Department of Humanities, undergraduate medical curriculum includes coursework in the humanities

– Rutgers New Jersey Medical School: Humanism Fellows Program through The Healthcare Foundation Center for Humanism and Medicine

– University of Arizona’s College of Medicine: The Medical Humanities Program

University of California, Irvine School of Medicine: Offer MD students “distinction in humanities,” Medical Arts and Humanities Award, and UC Medical Humanities Research Award through Program in Medical Humanities & Arts

– University of Missouri-Kansas: The Sirridge Office of Medical Humanities

– University of Southern California at Dornsife: Medical Humanities Program

– University of Virginia: The (undergraduate) Hook Scholars Program in Humanities and Ethics

– Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis: Program for Humanities in Medicine

– Yale University: The Franke Program in Science and the Humanities