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We maintain a list of courses of interest to students studying Health Humanities at all levels, whether in the LMC BA/MA and MA program, English PhD program or LMC Graduate Certificate, English major concentration in SML, or Honors MLC minor. Please note that this may not be a complete list of courses related to Health Humanities offered at UNC-Chapel Hill. 

Students should note that courses listed here may not be offered every year, that enrollment may be limited, and that permission of the instructor may be required. Therefore, students are encouraged to contact instructors at their earliest opportunity to determine if or when courses they intend to take will be available, and to obtain permission to register, if necessary. Please note that this listing will change as new courses are offered; students are advised to review this list before the registration period every semester in addition to consulting course offerings in Connect Carolina. 

Upcoming & Current Course Offerings:

Fall 2023 Course Offerings

Spring 2023 Course Offerings

Past Course Offerings:

Fall 2022 Course Offerings

Spring 2022 Course Offerings

Fall 2021 Course Offerings

Spring 2021 Course Offerings

Fall 2020 Course Offerings

Spring 2020 Course Offerings

Fall 2019 Course Offerings

Spring 2019 Course Offerings

Fall 2018 Course Offerings

Spring 2018 Course Offerings

Fall 2017 Course Offerings

Spring 2017 Course Offerings

Fall 2016 Course Offerings

Spring 2016 Course Offerings