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On Monday, September 29, Hilary M. Creed-Kanashiro will be giving a presentation on Agriculture, Nutrition and Food Security in Peru.
This event will be located in 2308 McGavran-Greenberg and will begin at 12:00 pm.
After obtaining an M.Phil. from University College, London, Hilary came to the Instituto de Investigación Nutricional in Lima, Peru in 1971 where she has conducted nutrition research ever since. Her research has focused primarily on the diagnosis of the nutritional situation of infants and young children (IYC) in underprivileged populations of Peru, and the development and implementation of nutrition intervention strategies to improve infant, young child and family feeding and nutrition in coastal, highland and rain forest (Indigenous) communities, particularly in the areas of complementary feeding and responsive feeding. She has been involved in the development of manuals, guides and materials in these topics. Hilary has considerable experience in applying formative research to design effective education-communication interventions, including consultancies for IYC feeding projects in India and Lao PDR. She has also worked in community nutrition promotion in poor populations of Lima. Hilary recently led an IIN team working with CARE USA to evaluate their IYCF interventions in 5 countries (3 continents) and is working with regional Andean institutions involved in agricultural interventions in developing links between nutrition, production and food security in poor highland populations.

Sponsored by the UNC NORC Diet, Physical Activity, and Body Composition Core.

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